Fourth generation Architect in the family. Born in Argentina where he graduated in 1989. He started practicing Architecture as a partner in a small firm (1990/1999), leading institutional projects such as:

1992 - Aguas Argentinas, Edificio Institucional / Buenos Aires, Arg.

1993 - Hospital Moreno / Provincia de Buenos Aires, Arg.

1994 - Hospital Santiago del Estero, Arg.

1994/6 - Red Global de Subterraneos Ciudad de Buenos Aires, Arg.

1997 - Estacionamiento Subterraneo, 9 de julio y Santa Fe

1997 - Casa Escobar / Buenos Aires, Arg.

1997 - Centro de Detencion / Mendoza, Arg.

1998 - Centro Penitenciario III Agote / Buenos Aires, Arg.

1998 - Nudo Subterraneo de Transferencia Obelisco

1998 - Hospital Dr. Iriarte, Quilmes/Buenos Aires/Arg, w/ Testa and Lopatin

1998 - Hospital Dr Paroissien, Maipu/Mendoza/Arg, w/ Testa and Lopatin

and wining several competition prices such:

1998 - Hospital Dr Paroissien, Maipu/Mendoza/Arg, w/ Testa and Lopatin

1998 - Hospital Dr. Iriarte, Quilmes/Buenos Aires/Arg, w/ Testa and Lopatin

1997 - FOURTH / Centro Penitenciario / Mendoza, Arg.

1994 - SECOND / Poder Judicial Salta / Salta, Arg.

1994 - FOURTH / Universidad Catolica de Rosario / Santa Fe, Arg.

1994 - FIRST / Red Global Agencias Bancarias Credit Lyonnais Argentina

1992 - SECOND / Aeropuerto Internacional Punta del Este / Uruguay

When he moved to the US, he started working in a prestigious architectural firm. Worked in residential and hospitality projects such as:

Poste Restaurant (Washington, DC),

Zola Restaurant (Washington, DC),

Dupont Grille (Washington, DC).

In 2004 decided to start DE-design, to focus on residential design and construction, which is the focus of this website.


In 2017 temporarily moves to Florence, Italy to start an architectural exchange of experiences between US and Italy.


DE design

Received many awards from local and national accredited institutions and their projects has been published in local, national and international specialized media.

In 2016, DE-design reached a $2,000,000 annual gross income, employing over 10 permanent staff between office and field workers and subcontracted more than 50 employees, focusing on developing award winning new houses worth over $4M.

DE-design believes in the enrichment of multicultural dynamic and always worked in multicultural environments as the Washington Metro Area is enhanced by many international institutions which expands the horizons of American life.

In late 2017, DE-design plans to temporarily send its owner, Damian Parsons to Florence, Italy to expand the horizons of the “design and build” services and bring business from Italy, immerse in one of the most valued design communities as well as serve the American community in Florence which is within the largest out of the us territory, having more than 15 American universities, an American population of over 10,000 and its own consulate.


Since its creation, DE-design was part of the trade community and belonged to the most renown institutions to build its trust and reputation. NARI (National Association of Remodeling Industry), BBB, as well as construction licenses in DC and Maryland.




4358 Argyle Terrace NW

Washington, DC -20011

Tel: +1 (202) 215 2468

Email: info@de-design.net


Via Giovanni Prati 3

Firenze, Toscana

Italia - 50124

Tel: +39 366 547 8994

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